Welcome to Insectstore

Here at Insectstore, you can view a wide array of insects for sale, including stick insects, snails, mantids, katydids, and much more. All insects sold are sold via the eBay platform, making your purchase quick, and safe.
All insects I personally sell will be listed on here, as I now sell via eBay myself.
Insects sold via this store are organised into different categories, which are shown in the menu to the left.
When going on to buying an insect or related item through the store, please be aware that you need to read the listing of that item. It will often state many terms and conditions of that sale, and more information about the item being sold. This includes sex, size, species, quantity, and more. It's essential you read the item description properly, otherwise you may end up with something you did not expect. Also, it's a good idea to check if the seller you are buying from has good feedback. It's never a good idea to buy from anyone with a lot of negative feedback.
Do be aware that I am not responsible for any items sold via this store, as they are sold through a third party merchant.